The Phase During Training

A Memorable Learning Experience

At this level of SATE training and learning strategy, SATE operational team ensures that the courses including the e- learning ones communicate meaning efficiently and create a memorable learning experience.

Setting expectations is critical for defining the learning objectives. The transfer of learning takes place more efficiently when learners know what behaviours they are expected to exhibit after they have gone through the training.

In today’s fast paced work environment, adult learners are short on time; that is why they appreciate a course that cuts to the chase right away.

SATE sat out rules that require all trainers to prioritize dividing the courses content to ensure that courses are clutter-free and relevant focusing on the “must-know” content and eliminating everything that does not address the learning objectives directly, not ignoring the “nice-to-know” information.

Comparative Learning Methods

As learning is best achieved by associations. SATE ensures the application of instructional tools in its carefully designed courses to draw similarities between two dissimilar objects or ideas , while ensuring that the differences between the objects being compared are pointed out.
Analogies and metaphors are used in SATE courses as effective tools to assist participants to draw upon their prior knowledge or experience so that to understand, discover similarities, and make sense of new concepts.

Aligning Content With Real-Life Job Roles And Responsibilities

Adult learners are motivated to apply newly acquired knowledge only if they feel confident that it will help them tackle real-life challenges. For this reason, SATE worked to ensure incorporating realistic scenarios in its designed courses to simulate the problems faced by the participants at the workplace. SATE courses also incorporate practical exercises that are similar to what participants will be expected to perform at the workplace. Not forgetting also to Include some examples from real life to give participants the chance to learn, in a safe environment.

Action Plans to Retain and Improve Motivation

SATE team of educators and trainers work with learners to prepare action plans to guide them when they are back to work. These action plans lay out the guidelines that will assist participants to apply what they have learned during the training.