About Us

Swiss Academy for Training and Evolution (hereinafter SATE) is an association located in Geneva -Switzerland , and regulated by the Swiss Civil Code for associations. SATE is an international platform, which provides globally accessible, self-paced and on-demand face-to-face, virtual and e-learning trainings entailing professional enhancement courses that cover a variety of topics and disciplines.

SATE is committed to offering programmes’ contents that are carefully selected, focusing on issues that are likely to occupy a centre stage in the preoccupations of worldwide institutions and entities in today and tomorrow’s world.

SATE Objectives & Services
  • SATE offers immersive programmes in several subjects and fields taught by experts from our team and our global network of partners
  • SATE provides learning and development services including consulting services and personalized executive coaching services to various entities and beneficiaries
  • SATE works on strengthening and enhancing the learning skills, and professional knowledge in order to transform existing behaviors and attitudes into influential and dynamic skills
  • SATE provides beneficiaries with an opportunity to receive excellent quality online training
  • SATE offers vocational training courses and workshops that give the participants the hands-on skills and expertise that are required in many professional business sectors