The Post Training Phase

Reinforcing Learners’ Engagement

Learners’ opinions on the effectiveness of SATE courses matters the most t us. Learner’s engagement is a priority for any type of SATE courses. For face-to-face or virtual engagement in active learning, SATE ensures the application of approaches, which includes simulations, activities, and collaborative work. For SATE e-Learning models , our team applies similar approaches in different forms as interactive quizzes, and case studies.

Post Training Evaluation

It is crucial for SATE team to measure whether or not its courses helped participants to attain their learning objectives.

A post-training evaluation questionnaire shall be disseminated at the end of each course, seminar or workshop to optimize the learning transfer process. SATE prioritizes the reception of participants’ feedback about its training courses or programmes.

SATE works on accurately measuring the level of satisfaction that is perceived by participants vis –a –vis the content and the trainer/educator’s performance in each of its training courses and programmes.

To serve this purpose SATE is seriously committed to designing the most efficient evaluation tools, which meticulously analyses the data collected from the feedback that SATE team receives from the participants.

Participants will also be asked to rate the course based on how engaging it is. They will also be asked to rate their level of satisfaction with the content and the interactivity provided by the course.

Participants’ Suggestions

At the end of each SATE training, course , seminar or workshop, participants will be urged to put at least three suggestions to improve course and training effectiveness. SATE makes sure that those suggestions are incorporated in its programme development plans.